NORDES, Stockholm, Sweden

In June 2015, we traveled to Stockholm, Sweden to participate in the conference exhibition at NORDES 2015: Design Ecologies

, held at Konstfack. We brought our experience from Different Data Detroit to Stockholm to realize a new iteration of the project, Different Data Detroit (+Stockholm) or DDD (+S), by fusing data from the two cities and supposing unexpected connections. We created the project over the course of three days during the conference (June 7–11, 2015) on a three large rolls of paper covering a 10 by 20 ft section of the wall.

‘Different Data Detroit (+Stockholm).’ Mixed Media, 10′ x 20′, Installation/working view. Exhibition at Nordes 2015: Design Ecologies, Stockholm, Sweden, June 2015. With Patricio Davila, Daniel McCafferty, Rachele Riley, and Joshua Singer.