the Workshop Illegitimate Worlds @ AIGA DEC Frontier, Bozeman MT

Following is the prompt and resources for theDifferent Data Workshop Illegitimate Worlds at AIGA Frontier on October 8, 2016.


We assert that data are “facts and statistics collected together for reference or analysis” which can include many things — quantitative or qualitative, numbers and stories, maps and pictures, songs and poems and dreams. How can data help us to imagine new  possibilities?

We believe that making and discourse are not exclusive activities, but intertwined as processes of crafting material and thought. Using the frame of MONTANA WATER FICTIONS and through collective design activity, participants will explore place-based design, poetic narrative, and “illegitimate” data.

During the workshop in Bozeman, we will engage in a collaborative activity making, refuting, discarding, linking, legitimizing, delegitimizing, etc and whatever.

It could be helpful to think of what we are making as a map of illegitimate boundaries, and flows, and systems, and regions, and typologies. It might be helpful to NOT think of it of a map of the ground plane (although we may start there as a launching point.) We are not seeking to present a truth, or solve problems, but to generate questions and wonder.