Different Data is a collaborative critical design research group, whose members—Rachele Riley, Dan McCafferty and Joshua Singer—collect, manipulate, and display data in location-specific public environments. DD maps notions of place by revealing hidden, overlooked and silent narratives (and other aspects) of urban cultural ecologies, using unexpected and often poetic methods for generating and gathering data.

Rachele Riley is a graphic designer and artist living and working in Greensboro, NC (USA). Her multi-faceted work investigates the relationship between conflict and place, and its representation within visual culture. Much of her work explores the language of maps, with a focus on non-linear organization and on creating layers that are imaginary, emotional, invisible, and disorienting. Her approach to design embraces both poetic and methodical research processes. Her other current projects include The Evolution of Silence, Version 1, an exploratory web-based map that addresses the impact of nuclear testing on Yucca Flat of the Nevada Test Site, and A Call to Uncover, an animation and book project that experiments with methods for interpreting place through myths, lists, maps and persona profiles. Rachele is currently Assistant Professor in New Media and Design at the University of North Carolina Greensboro. She continues to do commission-based work in addition to her independent projects, and has taught design at numerous schools around the country: at Viriginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, at the University of North Carolina Charlotte, at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, and at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.

Joshua Singer is a designer, teacher, and writer. He is Associate Professor and Coordinator of Visual Communication Design at San Francisco State University, and Director of the SF State Design Gallery. His work examines and explores intersections of design practice, design research, theories of design, the urban landscape, and experimental and critical methodologies. He sits on the boards of The San Francisco Arts Commission Galleries and DesignInquiry. He has a BA from Hampshire College, MFA in Fine Art from the City University of New York / Hunter College, and MFA in Design from California College of the Arts.

Dan McCafferty is a designer and assistant professor living in Windsor, Ontario. In 2011, he co-founded the Toronto-based critical design collective Public Design Unit. His multi-disciplinary research is activist-oriented and focuses on collaborative design processes, participation, communities and politics. Dan teaches Design at the School of Art in Winnipeg, Manitoba. He holds an MFA in Graphic Design from the North Carolina State University and a B.Com.Des. in Communication Design (Honours) from NSCAD-University. He has worked at prominent studios in Toronto and taught in the Design Department at OCAD-University and at Wayne State University in Detroit.